Dear friends,

Education is a continuous process by which successive generations are prepared for more sophisticated and complicated future.

The first step is to recognize that every human being is special and unique. Being unique man has a contribution to make to life and a unique destiny to achieve. It is also our responsibility to create and contribute something to the world that has given us so much. We must utilize our potential to make the world a better place to live in and to do for others who may not be as endowed as we are or may not have the opportunities that we have, let us do our bit, because a simple good deed may have multiple benefits not only for us, but also for the whole world.

The power of love, peace, truth, joy kindness, which is already within us would be multiplied by the power of Prayers which enables one to work miracles. It can be used to transform the world. It can raise the sick world to an experience of healing. Each individual has this healing power hidden within him. We have to explore this power by the weapon of divine thoughts. Let us treat and transform our own world around, by our contributions.

We hope to inculcate these thoughts in the mind of our students, so that they can walk on the path of progress with their heads held high.

Best Wishes

Reena Louis